Home-made Friselle

made of durum wheat semolina with extra virgin olive oil

Home-made Friselle

Thanks to their fresh and genuine ingredients, Friselle are a typical product from Apulia, which has become popular and appreciated all over the world. Friselle are a perfect substitute for home-made bread, since they are both prepared with the same dough. Moreover, they are entirely made of durum wheat semolina, which makes them crunchier and extends their shelf life. You can taste our Friselle every moment of your day!

Consumption advice
Friselle can be perfectly tasted with tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and oregano. Thanks to their cell structure, Agricola del Sole Friselle are able to absorb every kind of seasoning. We also recommend the delicious combination of Friselle and a glass of Bombino Nero DOCG Castel del Monte Masseria Faraona wine.
durum WHEAT semolina, water, sourdough, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

Size Pieces per Carton
pack 250g 8


Nutritional Values:

Energy KJ:
Energy Kcal:
0,8 g
saturated fatty acids:
0,64 g
4,6 g
0,15 g
10 g
2 g
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