Extra Virgin

Olive Oil

Il Nuovo

mostly obtained from the "Coratina" olive variety

Il Nuovo

The extra virgin olive oil, Il Nuovo mostly obtained from the "Coratina" olive variety, comes in a golden yellow color with green reflexes; it bestows the nose an intense aroma of fresh olives, perfectly combined with notes of herb, green tomato and vegetables, as well as with light scents of almond. Its aroma harmonically matches its savory flavor, whose initial sweetness is followed by bitter and spicy notes.

Consumption advice
Excellent served with crudités, as well as with all kinds of salads, soups, meat, grilled fish and marinated tuna. Thanks to its versatile flavor, this oil is also perfect when combined with traditional recipes, like bean and pasta soup, legume salads and spelt soups, as well as with strong flavored dishes.

Size Pieces per Carton
bottle 0,75 l 6

Data Sheet:

Production Area:
Provincia di Bari - Puglia (Italia)
Olives Varieties:
Prevalentemente Cultivar Coratina
Harvest method:
Direttamente dalla pianta nel periodo Novembre-Dicembre
Pressing method:
Macina di granito rosa entro 8-24 ore dalla raccolta
Extraction method:
Ciclo continuo - temperatura max 27° C
Serbatoi di acciaio inox a temperatura costante
Giallo dorato screziato di verde
Fruttato di oliva fresca unito a note erbacee e ricordi di pomodoro verde e ortaggi con lievi sentori di mandorla
Iniziale tocco dolce con prosieguo su toni di amaro e piccante.
Consumption Advice:
Crudité, insalate di ogni tipo, zuppe, carni, pesci grigliati, marinate di tonno e piatti tradizionali come pasta e fagioli, insalate di legumi e zuppe di farro
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