Extra Virgin

Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil BIO

Obtained exclusively from cultivar "Coratina"olives from organic farming

Extra virgin olive oil BIO

Organic extra virgin olive oil obtained exclusively from cultivar "Coratina" olives from 100% Italian organic farming. Checked and certified at all stages, from cultivation to production, Agricola del Sole extra virgin olive oil BIO is cold pressed within 24 hours from the harvest of the olives so as to preserve all the organoleptic properties of the fruit. Rich in polyphenols and vitamin E, precious natural antioxidants, Agricola del Sole extra virgin olive oil BIO is a real ally of your well-being and a real pleasure for diners who like strong flavors with a spicy aftertaste.

Consumption advice

In order to appreciate its organoleptic properties and flavor, we recommend using it raw to season pasta dishes, soups, salads and homemade bread dishes.

This product is completely free of additives as well as genetically modified ingredients.

Size Pieces per Carton
bottle 0,50 l 6

Data Sheet:

Production Area:
Provincia di Bari - Puglia (Italia)
Olives Varieties:
Cultivar Coratina
Harvest period:
Novembre - Dicembre
Extraction method:
Ciclo continuo
Processing times:
Entro 24 ore dalla raccolta
Serbatoi di acciaio inox
Giallo dorato screziato di verde
Consumption Advice:
Crudité, insalate di ogni tipo, zuppe, minestre, pesci grigliati, marinate di tonno, primi piatti a base di pasta e portate a base di pane casereccio.
  • Molino Casillo S.p.A.
  • Via Sant'Elia z.i. Corato (ba) Italy
  • Molino Casillo is the company responsible for the commercialization of Agricola del Sole products.
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