Dry Chickpeas

High in protein and fibre 

Dry Chickpeas
Linea: Legumi

Ceci Secchi Agricola del Sole are produced from 100% Apulian crops. They are rich in proteins and fibers, also a source of mineral salts, Ceci Secchi are among the most famous legumes in the world, a symbol of the Mediterranean cuisine. Ceci Secchi Agricola del Sole are the most authentic expression of the peasant gastronomic tradition.

Consumption advice

Ceci Secchi are ideal for cooking the classic pasta and chickpeas, the chickpea soup or the chickpea porridge. Moreover, Ceci Secchi could be used to prepare exotic recipes such as hummus (chickpea cream and sesame seed paste flavored with lemon and cumin) and falafel (spicy meatballs), a typical recipe of the Middle East.

Cooking time: 90 minutes. 

Soaking: 12 hours. 

Follow the instructions on the tag. Rinse the Ceci Secchi and leave them immersed in water, at room temperature, for 12 hours. During this time, change the water twice. Then wash the Ceci Secchi well, drain and cook them for 90 minutes.

Size Pieces per Carton
pack 300g 12


Nutritional Values:

Energy KJ:
Energy Kcal:
5,5 g
saturated fatty acids:
0,8 g
47 g
2,7 g
Dietary fiber:
13 g
22 g
< 0,005 g
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